As a Naturopath and Healer, I help women find relief and get results in their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, so that they can feel totally rebalanced reenergized, and their optimum best. Whether it be to have a good night’s sleep, achieve your weight loss goals, say good bye to night sweats and hot flashes or free yourself from digestive symptoms, it’s about reaching out for support and guidance.

Have you ever felt you were on a long and bumpy road during a difficult period in your life; a sign that something had to change because the current road you were on wasn’t doing you any good…anymore?

My life changed dramatically when in June 2004 my brother Bohdan passed away in his sleep at the young age of 55. It was a “dark” time in my life and I often wondered if anything would ever be the same without him. After all, there was an emotional void in my heart and in my life. I just wanted him back! And the tears would flow…and flow…

I began to feel depressed, anxious, tired all the time, easily frustrated, extremely forgetful, less patient and more irritable. My periods were irregular. I wasn’t eating well. I wasn’t sleeping well. I had a tough time getting out of bed every morning. My hormones were imbalanced and I felt like I was at the end of my rope, literally. But I knew that this was not the way I wanted to live my life, and I knew I just had to do something to change its course.

After taking a few yoga classes at a local gym, I immediately started to feel better than I had in a long, long time.

And so my journey towards becoming a Certified Naturopath began. I want other women to know that there are solutions to hormonal challenges and that it is possible to live a life of optimal health and vitality.

There is hope…

You are not alone. I’ve been there. I understand.

As women, we spend so much of our lives nurturing and caring for others. It’s vital that we practice Self Care and do something that makes us feel physically and energetically happy. We need to feel excited about our bodies, blissful in our relationships and work, and start living the life of the Ageless Goddesses that we are.

I have the knowledge and skills to guide and support women in their physical and emotional wellbeing, and specialize in hormonal challenges from PMS to Menopause.

With a heart-centered and nonjudgmental approach, I succeed in achieving my clients’ health goals so they can live feeling their optimum best in body, mind, and spirit. I feel blessed to have received such positive feedback and client love on the work that I do. There is little that compares to the amazing feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged for living my passion!

On my own journey, I have moved beyond simply living on automatic pilot, helplessness, and despair to having a life full of positivity, happiness, and physical health. I am a certified naturopath, clinical nutritionist, weight loss coach, yoga therapist, a trained Reiki Master, and a licensed NLP practitioner. I use a variety of modalities and tools, depending on what will be most beneficial to each client, in achieving their health goals. After all, it is our birthright to be happy and healthy.

I am also passionate about reading, cycling, exercising on the treadmill, taking walks alone or with my beloved, yoga, meditation, attending spiritual and soulful retreats, spending time with nature and travelling. My favorite season is Spring and color is blue.

As a way to stay healthy and in-shape: I do yoga and meditate, walk 30 minutes daily, and start my day with an affirmation and a wholesome, nutritious breakfast. I re-energize myself with a nap, spending time with friends and loved ones, and getting plenty of sleep. Whenever I feel the need, I stop what I’m doing and just breathe, go inwards and listen to my soul speak. Sometimes I read and/or journal. I never go to bed angry, and everyday I look at things through a different lense. A new day is my opportunity to grow, stay healthy, and see things with a fresh perspective. It’s just another part of my healthy Goddess lifestyle.

My mission is to help a million women do the same and feel the same health and happiness in their own lives.

Are you ready to take that journey? I would love to accompany you on it…

I invite you to contact me: for your FREE 15 min optimum health conversation.